Homework Crack

Click below to download the Android app.


Instructions: You must enable the ability to install apps from 3rd party sources. (Just swipe down from where it showed the app was downloading and click HomeworkCrack.apk) Then click settings. Then click "Unknown sources" so it is enabled. Go back to your browser and download again. Swipe down from where it shows its downloading and click HomeworkCrack-2.apk and then press install. This app will not harm your device in any way, guaranteed.

Note: All you are doing is enabling the ability to download the app from the website. It's just like the Google Play Store. I cannot submit this app to the play store because I need a license If you have any questions, contact me.

Message to Android users:

Android is VERY unsecure. Over 98% of the mobile virus market share is from Android. Every 1 in 5 Android phones are infected with malware.

Android is owned by Google, which means everything you do on an Android device is sent to Google.

We STRONGLY urge you to switch to iOS, it's much more secure.

While we DO NOT support malware in any way, HWC will not harm your device in any way. Click below to view the some security facts of iOS vs. Android.

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